• Ruter chaos

    13 MAR 2012

    Here in Oslo, all busses, trams etc are operated by # Ruter. They have converted all tickets to something called Flexus. As a part of that, I now have to charge a card with money, instead of buying N tickets. And for some bizarre reason, I cannot simply charge it with 50 tickets, I have to charge it with even sums of money (in 50NOK increments from my experience). Thus I made a small calculator to calculate how much I would have to recharge, given my current balance, to achieve an even number of tickets.

  • JIRA5 and the Github-jira plugin

    13 MAR 2012

    So JIRA5 happened. I still used the old User class, so I had to update the plugin. Since I only touch Java when I have to, I decided to fix up a few things while in there, which resulted in quite a few fixes:

    • Split the list into several Actions.

      First of all this is the correct thing to do. Secondly, it allowed the commits and comments to be included propperly in the All tab of an issue.

    • Adjust the design and markup to be in line with the rest of actions

      JIRA has some weird markup going on there, but at least now our stuff fits with the feel of the All tab.

    Going forward there are a couple of things that I want to fix:

    • Make a connection between github user and jira user.

      Most likely this will be resolved in git-indexer, by having it ask a different service for the correct jira (or in our case, crowd) username.

    • Group commit comments under the commits

      Most of our users (or at least the ones bothering with feedback), want commit comments to show nested beneath the commit it self, not in the timeline like it is now. I get bonus points for making this a front end toggle on the github tab :p

  • css animation experiments

    15 SEP 2011
  • GitHub Jira

    08 AUG 2011

    It didn’t take long for me to notice small stupid things that needed fixing. Now I have deployed 1.4 of the jira plugin and version N of git-indexer to production internally.

    git-indexer changes

    Yesterday I merged the new comment part, which uses the v3 api github provides to fetch comments. For now it is pretty stupid, supports a max of 100 comments pr repo etc, but it is better than the feed, which was bound to miss stuff. This also gave me the propper HTML of the comments, and it gave me the opertunity to format things a bit better on the JIRA-side.

    jira-plugin changes

    I added gravatars, and format changes. Also I finally bothered googeling the jackson error I kept getting whenever I changed the JSON feed, so now it does not die if I decide to add more fields to the JSON. This results in me being able to more easily update the two pieces independently, which is always great. I love decoupling!

  • push-me-please

    05 AUG 2011

    So, once again, at work, I had a small itch, and I decided to scratch it :) We have a build-system that does CI for us, and it relies on githubs wonderful post commit hooks to know when to run CI. Then we have the ops team, who thinks builder should be behind the firewall, and as such, not really reachable by github. We convinced them to punch a tiny hole in the firewall, based on a post I found with some IPs.

    Then this week, we started seing commits not triggering CI anymore. At first I was an arrogant bastard and blamed it on the devs of course, but once several of them complained, I started looking into it. Turns out that GitHub has more IPs pushing post-commit hooks now.

    I tried to find some sort of source of IPs somewhere, but I couldn’t. So I wrote a small service again, of course :p

    I called it “push-me-please”, and it is quite simple. I configured a dummy-repo with a post-commit hook to postbin.org. The service keeps pushing the “test hooks” button, and polling the feed from postbin, picking out any new IPs. It also shows the ips on a webpage. Real simple, real quick, but did the job. I discovered some new ips and new ranges I have to pester ops about, to make them widen the hole a bit :)

    The code can be found here: push-me-please.

    The current list of IPs: